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Rock, Leaf, and stick


Hey bloggers, Today is the last day of lockdown and all though i love school there has been some positives to this online learning experience. Rock (something that has rocked during online learning.) For me it has been able to spend time with my family, having my dog around has been so enjoyable and i […]

Lockdown Post 2


Hey bloggers, It is now day two of lockdown and i wanted to tell you how it went. In the morning we all introduced are pets to one another, having are pets in the lockdown is a plus side because in your lunch breaks we can go and hang out with them.  after we introduced […]

my lockdown journal page1


Hello bloggers, We first found out we where going to lockdown on the last day of are school holidays so we had to rush in the school the same day and pick up are laptop/books. the next day it was pupil free day so the  teachers and students could get ready for tomorrows lessons. I […]

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