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Hello bloggers,

We first found out we where going to lockdown on the last day of are school holidays so we had to rush in the school the same day and pick up are laptop/books.

the next day it was pupil free day so the  teachers and students could get ready for tomorrows lessons. I enjoyed the morning a-lot because I got to wake up an hour later than usual. because i live so far away from school i normally wake up a six but today i got to wake up at seven witch is one of the plus sides for me in this pandemic. So after i woke up and got ready for the zoom meeting I opened up my computer and logged on and said hello to all my friends and my teacher. After we said hello we found out are first lesson and what task we where going to do so we hung up on the call and did are work. we had french and Chinese today as well i enjoyed those two lessons because we got to play quiz-let live. I also had library where we got  to listen and answer questions to the book not cute, when listening to the book it gave me a chance to relax witch i really enjoyed. It was very different doing it online but other than that it was a nice and culm when i was at home today. 

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!   



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