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 we where asked to rank  to a few posts in oder from most helpful to most helpful here was my response.

thumbs up or thumbs down sorting activity

Number 1 

penny was sending an email to her teacher Ms D grate but she wasn’t using the correct language or the correct sentences so I put this one as the worst message for all those reasons i just stated.

2. I believe that number seven was the second wort message because their was no expiation of why she loved the story. If it was my story I would what to know what part you loved so i could include more of what you loved.

3. I also believe number 6 is also not a great message because it doesn’t have the correct spelling and it is not something to be told on email or not told anywhere especially if you have not eve asked their permission to talk about them or include the in your message.

4. box eight states that Dannie doesn’t understand  why Paul is friends with Jeremy but reallyI don’t think you should talk behind peoples back at all and maybe their are reasons why he is friends that you may not know about.  

5. box number two is not really within subject that is most likely for another message or you could wait to talk about it the next day . 

 6. box four states that sally got a new dog and she was exited to show the class it was a nice message but she did not include Dear (name) or full stops and capital letters. 

7. box number five was a really good message but I enjoyed number three better because it had a question for the writer to answer 

8. Box number three caught my eye it had full stops and had a question.  


so that is my opinion thank you very much for reading ! 


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Writing challenge 🐭


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Country of focus – China


The continent china is in is Asia


The capital city of china is Beijing, it is know for its many magnificent sights that set national or even world records, including the great Wall, the longest man-made structure in the world; the Forbidden City, the largest and best preserved ancient architectural complex in the world; and Tian’anmen Square, the largest famous city square in the world.


The population of china right now in 2021 is 1,444,216,107


The official dialect of China is mandarin , also call “Putonghua”. More than 70% of the Chinese population speaks mandarin, but there are also several other major dialects in use in China: Yue (Cantonese), Xiang (Hunanese), Min dialect, Gan dialect, Wu dialect, and Kejia or Hakka dialect.


0.20 in Australian Dollar’s


The connection china has with Australia is the trade and investment


China is Australia’s largest two-way trading partner in goods and services, accounting for 27.4 per cent of our trade with the world. Two-way trade reached a record $252 billion in 2019 (up 17.3 per cent year on year).


This might be a weird fact but during the pandemic everyone was shopping mad for toilet paper was actually made in china !


Hello ( Niho )


There are 14 neighbouring china

  • Area: 331,212 square kilometers. …
  • Area: 237,955 square kilometers. …
  • Myanmar (Burma) Area: 676,578 square kilometers. …
  • < …
  • Area: 147,181 square kilometers. …
  • Area: 3,287,263 square kilometers. …
  • Area: 881,913 square kilometers. …













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My first blog !😀🐭


Hi everybody my name is Maddie welcome to my blog i am really looking forward to Edublog’s this year and can not wait to get started. Before we do get in to exiting chalenges and a variety of  exiting adventures i am going to tell you a bit about myself. I have dog who is really cute and a very annoying older brother who is in high school and takes forever to pack his bags my hobbies include swimming , playing soccer and of course spending time with my family  . So now you know a little about me I hope this year will be as sweet as an over iced cupcakes !

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